Parco archeologico di Monte Sannace

  Archaeological Park of Monte Sannace   holds one of the più Peucezia important indigenous sites of the pre-Roman. L’ settlement has turned up evidence related to a very broad chronological period starting  from’ età Iron comes up all’ età Roman early imperial. The maximum prosperity Siteè circumscribed to the centuries VI– III BC and in particular to phase Hellenistic . Monte Sannace in the second halfà the fourth century BC It surrounds himself with defensive walls that form the division of the center in Acropolis and inhabited place in the plains to the west. At archaeological value is added to the landscape, since the park offers the possibilityà to fully immerse oneself in the Murgia landscape. The  Archaeological Park of Monte Sannace  è was added to’ interior of a still intact landscape of the Mediterranean type, at the center of the Murge. It preserves a part of’ ancient cityà Apulian (Thuriae?), that between the centuries VII and III BC is spread over a’ upper area 50 ettari.Il tour route provides  two routes : A  archaeological   and l’ another  natural . In the first case the visitor is offered the chanceà of observing the topographical configuration and structural features of cityà ancient ; in the second, to appreciate the qualityà naturalistic-environmental of the place as a whole and reach of particular interest landscaped observation points. Both routes take  start from the Masseria Montanaro , located at the’ main entrance of the park, and wind through plains and hills, intersecting and sometimes sovrapponendosi.Interessata from’ nineteenth century by excavations abusive and depredamenti , l’ areaè It has been the subject of a first intervention of excavation in  1929 , conducted by the archaeologist  Michele Gervasio . So, regular research surveys were conducted by the  Archaeological Department from 1957 to 1961, under the direction of  Bianca Maria Scarfì ;, then resumed from  1976 in’ low settlement of&rsquo area; and the  1978  on&rsquo ; Acropolis by the  Ettore De Maria Juliis. From  1999 è This site in a dig of’ Università Bari.L of’ area of ​​the cityà ancient destined to Archaeological Park&​​egrave; It has been the subject of numerous interventions restoration and enhancement that led not only to a better understanding of visible monumental remains, all’ extension of visited parties and implementation of appropriate teaching aids and services for the’ public reception. The research, restoration, enhancement and promotion are still in progress.


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Monte Sannace Km 4,5
70023 Gioia del Colle


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