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Civic Museum of Alatri , set up in 1932 at the Palazzo Conti Gentili and reopened to the public in 1996, is currently based in the renovated rooms of propertyà Municipal&Outdoors; inside of the thirteenth century Palazzo Gottifredo. Said Palace rappresent memorize options the reference architectural model for many stately homes of the cityà medieval. It dates back to the midà of the thirteenth century and it was built by Cardinal Gottifredo Raynaldi rich feudal lord alatrense and papal diplomat scholar, as his residence, during the years of struggle anti-imperiale.Il complex consists of three bodies differentiated by style and constructive history: a tower-house ( certainly moreù oldest of the rest of’ building), all’ angle between the Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Via Cavour, a main building located along the main street and finally behind the quest’ last, a’ other tower.

a trapezoidal plan, l’ Acropolis of Alatr for its size, two  hectares of area and entirely visible along the approximately 600 meters of the perimeter along the Via Gregoriana, the proportions and the size of the individual blocks, represents one of the più examples; significant walls in polygonal. The important by the Superintendent direct excavations for archaeological heritage of Lazio between 1976 and 1979 have brought to light, in the area behind the so-called“ Shrines&rdquo ;, a base in polygonal work and some findings that indicate the probable location function worship, and in some specimens should go back at least to the fifth century. B.C. .. This proves that a first fortification on the top of the hill there was at least in the late archaic period.


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Corso Cavour, 5
03011 Alatri

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