The St Paul Chamber

The St. Paul Chamber in Parma owes its fame to the frescoes painted around 1519 by Antonio Allegri, known as Correggio (1489 ca.-1534), in one of the rooms of the apartment of the Abbess Giovanna da Piacenza, woman great culture, who had gathered around him a small circle of scholars and humanists. For the invention illusionistic originality and refinement of decorative motifs, this environment is one of the greatest masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance. The Chamber, almost cubic shape, is decorated with frescoes only on the dome because the walls, which do not bear any traces of paintings, tapestries were to be originally coated, according to a widespread practice in the sixteenth century. The pictorial decoration realized by Correggio completely hides the late structure gothic umbrella, made in 1514 by George Edoari from Herba, covering it with a pergola of fronds and wicker in which opens a series of fake ovate with lively groups of putti that overlook inside the room, portraits playful attitudes, some of which allude to the issue of hunting.

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Via M. Melloni
43121 Parma


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