The Stuart Gallery in Parma is housed in the former Benedictine monastery of San Paolo. Inaugurated in 2002, the gallery is named after the philanthropist and collector Giuseppe Stuart. Inside there are archaeological finds, drawings, engravings, paintings, sculptures, furniture and objects from late antiquity to the twentieth century, largely linked to the Parma area. In 2016 it was inaugurated the new exhibition of the museum. An important innovation is to transfer to the Art Gallery of paintings preserved in the Town Hall: it comes from Christ's appearance to St. Mary Magdalene by Agostino Carracci, a landscape with riders Spolverini Hilary, of St. John the Evangelist John Ricco, of Flower Drum Song and Exodus of Amedeo Bocchi. The first rooms of the upper floor are adorned with paintings of nineteenth-century artists linked to the Academy of Fine Arts in Parma, as Enrico Bandini and Giovanni Battista Borghesi, nineteenth century masterpieces divided by genre and created by local artists such as Guido and Giulio Carmignani Alberto Pasini, Claudio Alessandri, Luigi Marchesi, Enrico Sartori, Deogratias Lasagna, Carlo Rimondi, Daniele De Strobel, George Scherer, Enrico Barbieri, Cecrope Barilli; the last room houses, finally, a rich selection of works by Amedeo Bocchi.

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Borgo del Parmigianino, 2
43121 Parma

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