The Puppet Castle, Giordano Ferrari Museum, is located inside the rooms of the monastery of San Paolo in Parma. The former Benedictine monastery is a building with an ancient history and unique charm, surrounded by a green oasis, but in the city center, is the ideal space for the museum, as it perfectly expresses the unusual magic of the Castle Puppet encloses. The Puppet Castle stems from a lifetime passion a lifetime: Giordano Ferrari had in fact devoted much of its existence to collect testimony to the work of puppeteers generations, building up over the years, a treasure of utmost importance for the theater of Italian figure and international: the largest collection on the animation theater. The preparation extends over a surface area of ​​about 300 square meters and collects 500 pieces, including puppets, puppets, heads, posters and photographs. But this is only part of the entire collection, which includes more than 1,500 pieces, not to mention the added support of other collectors, including Franco Cristofori, Amilcare Adamoli and Group 80.

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Strada M. Melloni, 3/a,
43121 Parma


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