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Curated by: Riccardo Caldura

The show

The last exhibition that will close 2023 and will continue until March 2024 in the nave of Nuova Sant'Agnese is dedicated to Esther Stocker. The solo show presents to the public a new set of works on the wall and in space, to create an immersive environment that can only be animated by the viewer.

Compared to the early works of the Italian-Austrian artist, we are talking about works that date back to the early 2000s, references to constructivism, Op Art, the psychology of perception. References that can be shared and which find further confirmation with the research that was carried out at an international level in the 1960s and which had broad implications for the most relevant exhibitions. Stocker's sculptures, often presented in volumes of variable size and extension, can be placed on the floor, on the wall or suspended, effectively generating environmental installations; instead, in the large canvases with a black background, the dynamism of the geometric fragments recalls the vertigo generated by cosmic depth in the ambivalence of an explosive and implosive process of matter.

Every single geometrically regular component, as well as the orthogonal grid itself, a compositional principle par excellence based on regularity and repetition, is subjected to a process of formal deconstruction, which disarticulates it, compresses it, generating misalignments and sliding of planes without however completely denying it the ordinal origin. A scenario is thus emerging, where conceptual virtuality and physical concreteness coexist and collide, within which the visitor wanders surprised and disoriented, as in a dream of paradoxical precision. Both these elements, sculptures and canvases, constitute the exhibition proposal in the nave of the Nuova Sant'Agnese: a non-virtual scenario where the spectator wanders as if in a dream of paradoxical precision.


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Via Dante Alighieri, 63
35139 Padua


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