Museo Zoologico di Napoli

Zoological Museum

The Zoological Museum was established in 1813 by Gioacchino Murat, king of Naples. Its first director, the naturalist Luigi Petagna, worked to obtain, as the seat of the museum, some rooms of the Collegio Massimo dei Gesuiti, in which some of the collections of the Natural History Section of the Royal Bourbon Museum, established by Ferdinand IV in 1777. The current headquarters, with its magnificent furnishings in walnut and maple, was built thanks to the commitment of Giosuè Sangiovanni, who managed to obtain important funding from Ferdinando Il di Borbone which allowed the construction of two important exhibition rooms, known as the Salone Maggiore and Salone Minore, inaugurated in 1845 on the occasion of the VII Congress of Italian Scientists. The valuable finds from the Museum of General and Pathological Anatomy converged there, which can still be admired today. Over the years, the Museum was directed by distinguished scientists such as Achille Costa, Paolo Panceri, Salvatore Trinchese and Saverio Monticelli, who worked for the development of zoology and for the strengthening of the museum collections, both with the specimens object of their research, and with exchanges and purchases. The famous scientists Oronzio Gabriele Costa and Stefano delle Chiaje should also be remembered for their donations.

 The exhibition area of ​​the Museum is about 1200 square meters divided into an entrance hall to the main hall from which you then move on to the minor hall.


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via Mezzocannone, 8
80134 Napoli


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