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DART | Dynamic Art Museum, an innovative museum project conceived by Piergiulio Lanza and created together with Arch. Riccardo Manfrin, presents two new collective exhibitions that will take place from 23 November 2021 to 6 February 2022 at the Museo della Permanente in Milan. Two apparently distant exhibitions but both strongly representative of their time. In fact, on the first floor, DART continues its continuous exhibition format "The Masterpieces of Private Collections" with a careful selection of iconic works by Masters of all time coming exclusively from private collections and foundations. While, on the ground floor, it will host “2121”, the first museum exhibition dedicated to Crypto Art, as well as on other occasions the Museo della Permanente has hosted the first exhibitions of important artistic currents.

"2121" is the first major exhibition project dedicated to Crypto Art within a museum space in Italy.

What were the possibilities of art 100 years ago and, given the exponential growth of the opportunities offered by the digital world, what are the possibilities it will have in 100 years? "2121" investigates today with an eye to tomorrow, through works by artists who, in a short and exponentially accelerated period of time, propose and create new food for thought on how a work should be conceived, created, enjoyed and transmitted to be declared as such.

Curated by DART in collaboration with Alessandro Brunello, Alan Tonetti and Serena Tabacchi, "2121" aims to show the public the first physical exhibition of Crypto Art, giving life to an exhibition based on the interaction between human beings and the digital world. The artistic current of Crypto Art includes all those art forms that involve the creation of a totally digital work, or the digitization of a physical work, thanks to blockchain and NFT (Not-Fungible Token) systems, which allow to identify the works through a specific set of digital information to guarantee the authenticity of the work itself. The artists selected for the exhibition are the main exponents of the movement at the level of emerging, blue chip (definition attributed to established NFT artists) and OG (acronym for Old Guy, used to identify those artists who first started working in the field of NFTs). An important trait of Crypto Art is that often the artists themselves dedicate themselves to collecting NFT works by other artists, giving life to global networks and connections driven by a desire for continuous research, experimentation and sharing in the remote era.


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Via Turati, 34
20121 Milano


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