Fondazione MACTE

The Foundation Macte, formed in February 2019, was created with the’ intent to promote’ art and culture and to enhance and manage the assets of the collection of works by the Termoli Prize.

With its 500 square meters, Macte the museum stands as a point of attraction for local and national contemporary art and as a functional cultural center and driving force for the cityà Termoli and Molise. 

The building that houses the Macteè the result of the restructuring and redesign of an old neighborhood market, which now houses the new exhibition of the collection edited by the history of’ art Laura Cherubini, and arranged in chronological and thematic criteria aiming to highlight the masters and the main artistic movements characterizing the Italian art from 1950 to the present day. 

since 2020, the Museum of Termoli Macte sarà subject to a major expansion: a new building will comeà Attached to the existing, creating the first library dedicated exclusively to the Molise, in an area dedicated to cultural events, a restoration room.


Permanent Collection

Timetable and tickets


Via Giappone
86039 Termoli


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