Museum of Organic Environmental Art

Museum of Organic Environmental Art

Immersed in the splendid wooded setting of Mount Limbara, near Tempio Pausania (SS), the Museum of Organic Environmental Art is a widespread museum that offers the visitor a double journey dedicated to the relationship between art and the natural world.

Along a path that winds through holm oaks, cork trees and Mediterranean scrub, it is possible to visit the permanent works of the Museum throughout the year: the site-specific installations, created by contemporary Sardinian and national artists, dot the museum-park, playing with different materials, techniques and approaches: an immersive experience in nature and art, which leads the visitor to actively explore the biodiversity of the forest, enriching it with aesthetic and, sometimes, synesthetic, highly suggestive experiences.

In parallel to the outdoor itinerary, the Organica Museum offers exhibitions of visual art and photography by artists who focus their research around the complex relationship between man and nature from spring until the end of the year. The exhibitions can be visited at the CEDAP exhibition space, a small jewel of contemporary architecture designed by architect Antonello Menicucci. The structure, which converts an old trout hatchery, is located in an area with a strong landscape value, not far from the natural pools of Rio Pisciaroni .

The Organica Museum periodically organizes workshops, open-air performances, happenings and cultural trekking events dedicated to the discovery of places and reflection on the issues of environmental sustainability.

The Museum is curated by the tramedarte association, with the artistic direction of the art critic Giannella Demuro.


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Strada Stalale 392 del Lago del Coghinas, 820
07029 Tempio Pausania


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