Palazzo dei Consoli

Palazzo Dei Consoli

Palazzo dei Consoli is set to Piazza Grande and overlooking Palazzo del Podestaà one of the più majestic and bold medieval urban realizations and testifies to the grandeurà the political and institutional project of the City of Gubbio to the fourteenth century. The construction of the monumental complex, decreed between 1321 and 1322, beginning memorize options; in 1332 and involved high-level figures such as l’ architect Angelo from Orvieto and l’ eugubino Matteo said "Gattapone". The complex was placed in the middle of the urban fabric and it was necessary for this change the nature of the terrain, building the square roof was to be able to connect the buildings.

L’ building was intended to be the seat of the main magistratures and institutions of the Free City of Gubbio, as the consuls, the Gonfalonier and the General Council of the People.

Since 1909 the palaceè home to the Museo Civico which originated in 1456 with the’ purchase by representatives of the City of Gubbio the famous Tables Iguvine andè then enriched over the centuries thanks to acquisitions and donations. The museum collection, which is now divided into several sections and collections spread over five floors of the building, the history and culture of the communityà Gubbio from prehistory to twentieth century.


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Piazza Grande
06024 Gubbio


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