Palazzo Petrignani

Palazzo Petrignani

An interesting example of construction in late-Renaissance style, Palace Petrignani is set on’ ancient Platea Major with its impressive facade. This opens up what was to be the’ main entrance, never brought to completion.

The building was erected in 1571, on project of’ architect Ottaviano Nonni, by the willà Bartolomeo Petrignani but completed thanks to his brother's funding Fantino, who was archbishop of Cosenza, butler of Pope Gregory XIII, Vice Legate of Bologna, nuncio in Naples and one of the protectors of the young Caravaggio.

The character style frescoes and the sequence of the interior decorations have led, for a long time, to attribute the paintings to the school of Zuccari (Taddeo and Federico). It seems moreù relevant, however, the allocation to Tarquinio Racani, painter Amelia that a be memorize options frescoes in the other buildings and churches of the cityà.


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Piazza A. Vera, 10
05022 Amelia


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