Museo Giannettino Luxoro

L’ building housing the Luxoro Museum, with the furniture in it,è become propertyà the Municipality of Genoa in 1946, thanks to the legacy of’ last owner, Matteo, left no direct heirs, who ordered its transformation into a public museum dedicated to the memory of his nephew Luxoro, who died prematurely during the First World War.

This delightful villa, surrounded by greenery of’ last stretch of parks of Nervi, in the Capolungo area, looking out over the sea, was built in 1903 on Big brother project of Matthew, l’ engineer Peter Luxoro, inspired by the models of’ Genovese architecture seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Right from’ beginning of this holiday residence was actuallyà conceived as a precious container, internally decorated with stucco and historicistic taste frescoes, where to set the art collections acquired from the second halfà the nineteenth century by the Luxoro, a Genoese family that among its membership shall include the famous painter Tammar, paternal uncle of Peter.

The preferences of these passionate collectors dealt largely with the’ field of decorative arts and especially the Ligurian production of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, although there are objects in the Museum of nature and different backgrounds.

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Viale Mafalda di Savoia
16167 Genova


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