Museo del Risorgimento di Genova

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Mazzini's Letters

Until 10 March 2023

Museum of the Risorgimento

The Museum of the Risorgimento was inaugurated on May 5, 1915 in Palazzo Bianco, in Genoa.

Since 1934 it has been based in the birthplace of Giuseppe Mazzini in via Lomellini 11.

The Museum of the Risorgimento exhibits a rich historical and artistic heritage such as documents, paintings, prints, weapons, uniforms and photographs in which the figures of the Risorgimento relive: Mazzini and the republican and democratic movement, Garibaldi and the Red Shirts, Goffredo Mameli and the Anthem of Italy.

The exhibition traces the events that led to the Unification of Italy, from the Genoese anti-Austrian revolt of 1746 to the inauguration of the Monument to the Thousand of Quarto in 1915. Particular importance is given to the manuscript of the first autographed version of the Anthem of Italy by Goffredo Mameli, sung for the first time in public in Genoa on 10 December 1847, and to the testimonies relating to the figure of Giuseppe Mazzini, including his London exile guitar, still played today on special occasions.


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Via Lomellini, 11
16124 Genova

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