MEI - National Museum of Italian Emigration

MEI - National Museum of Italian Emigration

The MEI - National Museum of Italian Emigration is located in Genoa in the historic headquarters of the Commenda di Prè . Inaugurated at the beginning of 2022, thanks to the contribution and support of the MIC Ministry of Culture, the MEI boasts of being unique in the Italian and international historical panorama.

The exhibition itinerary is spread over 3 floors divided into 16 areas, built around the life stories of the protagonists of emigration: the experiences of individuals are proposed to the visitor through primary sources such as autobiographies, diaries, letters, photographs, newspapers, songs and music that accompanied the emigrants. Documents that come together in a single narrative, which shows the migratory phenomenon in its many facets and articulations.

A museum in motion, as the theme of travel suggests. What the visitor will undertake among the images and stories of the millions of Italians who have left our country. Migrants from different eras - from the unification of Italy to today - with their own history, people who have faced the delicate moment of choosing to leave, deciding to leave behind their work, home and family of origin.

The data on departures, returns, destinations, work, health, nutrition, racism, hospitality, the many different reasons for leaving Italy that represent the great mosaic of migration will be returned to the visitor through tools interactive and multimedia.


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Piazza della Commenda
16126 Genoa


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