Casa del Profumo

Parfumes Museum

The house is dedicated to Susy Giorgis and completed in 2018, is presented as an exciting multimedia museum for the first time allows the visitor to delve into the events of più ancient fragrance of the world: l’ water, that of Cologne but invented by Vigezzo G. Femminis and G. Farina in early‘ 700.

Visit the House of Perfume means taking part in a story made image, multimedia installations and multi-sensory experiences that reach the deepest chords of emotions and memories: raw materials to touch and smell, fragrances to test and experience firsthand. 

Thereè Finally neglect l’ s important to the costume section Vigezzo   housed on the second floor of’ building.


Timetable and tickets


Piazza Risorgimento, 5
28857 Santa Maria Maggiore


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