Melozzo Degli Ambrogio Civic Pinacoteca

of the Gallery dates back to 1838, when they were grouped together in the Mission's Palace, seat of the Civic Library, the works remained to the City after the first Napoleonic suppression, those acquired by the City Council at the initiative of Count Pietro Guarini, standard-bearer of the cityà , paintings and frescoes from the Residence Hall and the Cathedral to which were added successive increases due to purchases promoted by the municipality. In 1845 the first two rooms were opened, the Gallery of Prints and Drawings of the Cabinet; the following year it was the turn of the halls of the Tapestries and Palmezzano. Considerable increases brought about the donations of the same Guarini and Melchiorre Missirini, friend and biographer of Canova. Transferred in 1922 Old Hospital, built in the eighteenth century and designed by Giuseppe Merenda, was divided into dell'Ebe halls, the famous sculpture by Canova recently moved to the complex of San Domenico, the Monuments, of Forli, of Portraits, the Pestapepe and the Primitives, the art gallery in 1935 grew to new environments: the Paolucci room, with Wildt sculptures and the corridor of ceramiche.Nel 1938 the exhibition of Melozzo and painting of the '400 Romagnolo led a rearrangement of the exhibition. In the same year came the donation Piancastelli, including a large library of a huge collection of paintings of the Romagna school of the four and five, with paintings by Innocenzo da Imola, Palmezzano, Luca Longhi, Bagnacavallo and Bertucci. In 1961, the entrance of the picture gallery Pedriali Gain is memorize options the gallery a group of twenty-eight paintings, in which emerge a Jacques Sablet French painting, a remarkable still life of flowers Rachel Ruysch, the U.K. tele Tiepolo, A. Magnasco, U.K. Ruoppolo and factors. The following year (1962) was the time of the donation of the collection Verzocchi consists of about 70 works by contemporary Italian artists inspired by the theme of labor between them there are works of Moreni, Morlotti, African, Santomaso, Birolli Capogrossi, Turcato, Carrà ,, Casorati, de Chirico, Depero, Sironi, Rosai, Soffici and de Pisis. Other increases occurred with etchings and oils of Morandi's legacy Righini (1964); The modern sectionè composed mainly of 800 Romagna and contemporary works, which include the League, Wildt, Drei, Savorana, Vinzio, Ugonia, Angeloni, Giacomelli, Capogrossi Servolini, Widow, Magnavacca, Fields, Vinea. As for the exhibits pertaining to the contemporary world is reminiscent of the work of the group Undostudio (France Andrea, Andrea Mandalari, Roberto Fabbri), Maurizio Battle and Thomas Zavatti for "Gemini Muse" 2003 and moreù recently the exhibitions "Balla and surroundings. Futurist Tracks in the Pinacoteca di Forlìì" (2011) and "En plein air. Pictorial impressions in the Pinacoteca di Forlìì" (2011) both falling within the exhibition project. "Novecento Revealed"

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Corso della Repubblica, 72
47121 Forlì


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