Palazzo Salmatoris

Salmatoris Palace

In the heart of the city of Cherasco, in the province of Cuneo, it takes its name from Giovanni di Audino Salmatoris, the local nobleman who wanted it to be built as his residence in 1620. In 1631 he welcomed Victor Amadeus I and his wife Christina of France who were seeking shelter from the plague that spread in the area. In 1706, in the “Room of silence" is placed the Holy Shroud for fear that it could ended up in the hands of the French. Palazzo Salmatoris is also known as the "Palace of Peace" because in 1796 it saw the signing of the armistice of Cherasco between Napoleon I and the Savoy kingdom. In the mid-nineteenth century, the Palace was purchased by the Paoletti family of Melle in Busca, which began an important restoration calling to work on the project the best artisans and artists of the time. It is currently owned by the Municipality and is an important cultural and artistic center, ideal for exhibitions and cultural events. It is almost impossible to separate the visit of the Palace from the important exhibitions it usually hosts. The exhibition venue takes the entire main floor and continues in the completely renovated ceilings. The large staircase that leads from the ground to the main floor is stone, nineteenth-century. You can also visit the "room of silence" which is now known as the "Shroud Hall".


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Via Vittorio Emanuele, 31
12062 Cherasco


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