Castello D'Albertis

D'Albertis Castle

The D'Albertis Castle, in Genoa, was the home of its creator, Captain Enrico D’Albertis.

Historic residence in Genoa, it is now home to the Museum of World Cultures and the Museum of Peoples' Music. Built in 1886 on an ancient bastion of the fourteenth-century walls, it represents one of the most popular house-museums in the Ligurian capital.

Located on the Montegalletto hill in the Castelletto district, like the Mackenzie castle, it dominates the city of Genoa with an open view of the Ligurian Sea.

Traveling by sea and land between the 1800s and 1900s, Captain D 'Albertis had in fact enclosed his world in his home, in a romantic setting between "chambers of wonders" and colonial trophies. The D'Albertis Castle, with its historicist and exotic rooms, testifies to the curiosity towards the unknown and the fascination that the distant worlds visited by the Captain have exercised on his spirit.

With the entry into the sixteenth-century bastion, on which the neo-Gothic castle was built starting from 1886, a second tour opens, in which the archaeological and ethnographic material of the Museum of World Cultures is revealed through dialogue and exchange with the populations from which it comes.


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Corso Dogali, 18
16100 Genoa


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