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On the occasion of the seventh centenary of Dante's death, the Aurelio Saffi Library in Forlì intends to enhance and make known its Dante heritage.

At the Municipal Library of Forlì there is a real section dedicated to the Supreme Poet, consisting of over 1600 volumes and an important collection, that of Piancastelli, in which numerous Dante works are preserved.

The exhibition at Palazzo Romagnoli is the exhibition of a small part of this huge heritage, but the documents chosen are among the oldest and rarest preserved in the Forlì Library.

Visitors will be able to admire an illuminated parchment, a manuscript and a precious illuminated manuscript of the fifteenth century, some incunabula and sixteenth century, two nineteenth-century volumes and finally a very small Divine Comedy of 1919, of only 6 and 1/2 cm, containing the entire text Dante.

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Via C. Albicini, 12
47121 Forlì


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