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date_range Museo di Santa Giulia Museo di Santa Giulia
date_range Museo di Santa Giulia Museo di Santa Giulia
date_range Museo di Santa Giulia Museo di Santa Giulia

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Until 24 July 2022

Museo di Santa Giulia

The Museum of Santa Giulia in Brescia is unique in Italy and in Europe for its exhibition concept and location. The Museum is housed in the monastic complex of Santa Giulia of Lombard origin and allows a journey through the history, art and spirituality of Brescia from the prehistoric age to today in an exhibition area of ​​about 14,000 square meters.

In addition to the permanent collections which include numerous works of art from the Lombard period, the Museum of Santa Giulia is home to numerous exhibitions organized by the Brescia Museums Foundation.

The monastery of San Salvatore - Santa Giulia was founded in 753 AD. from Desiderio, last king of the Lombards, with his wife Ansa. Feminine, usually Benedictine, she played a leading role even after the defeat inflicted on the Lombards by Charle Magne.

The Museum of Santa Giulia is located in a place of historical memories stratified over the centuries and a continuous source of surprising discoveries, the monastic complex is a visible intertwining of eras. Built on an area already occupied in Roman times by important Domus, it includes the Lombard Basilica of San Salvatore and its crypt, the Romanesque oratory of Santa Maria in Solario, the Nuns' Choir, the sixteenth-century church of Santa Giulia and the cloisters.

Since 2001, the monumental complex of San Salvatore-Santa Giulia, together with the Roman Brescia archaeological park, have been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List with the site "The Lombards in Italy. Places of power (568-774 d. C.) ".

To discover the exhibitions scheduled at the Museum of Santa Giulia, visit the Exhibitions and Events section.

For all practical information on purchasing tickets, check availability in the Timetables and Tickets section.


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Via dei Musei, 81/b
25121 Brescia


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