Palazzo Romagnoli

Musei Civici Di Forli Romagnoli Palace

Palazzo Romagnoli is located in the più the ancient cityà of Forlì ;,ì still retaining memory: two tombs and headstones tall structures testify to the presence of a burial of the late Roman era. In palazso it settled downì in 1805 the Prefect of Napoleon, Lorenzo Romagnoli. In 1965 the building was sold by the family to the City of Forlìì. Palazzo Romagnoli Inside are exposed Civic Collections of the twentieth century. The entire ground floorè dedicated to the permanent exhibition of the prestigious Verzocchi collection. This collection, created by the willà an established entrepreneur forlivese origin, collects seventy paintings by Italian artists of different generations and different artistic styles, from Guttuso to Donghi, Vedova, De Chirico, united by a single theme: the job. The visit continues on the first floor with the exhibition sections on important components of the twentieth century civic art gallery: it is the paintings and graphic works by Giorgio Morandi the "Donation Righini"; the famous series plastic linked to the name of Adolfo Wildt and in "The Great Romagna", paintings and sculptures of the twentieth century, largely unknown to the public, gathered here in specific thematic areas.


Permanent Collection

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Via C. Albicini, 12
47121 Forlì


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