Sinnai Museum and Historical Archive

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The Museum and Historical Archive of Sinnai

It is a place of sharing, learning and education for the community and of the community, through events, exhibitions, workshops and courses. It is a space without borders or barriers where anyone has access to content, activities and stimuli.

It is housed in a historic 19th century building. at the time known as Casa della Colletta, from which the street itself takes its name. In this first phase it was used for the deposit and distribution of the ecclesiastical collection. It then housed the barracks of the Sardinian Cavalrymen, the Town Hall, the Carabinieri station, the Library and the Archive. In the 90s of the 20th century. becomes a museum. Today it houses three collections: one archaeological, one dedicated to the artist F. D'Aspro and another dedicated to works by other local and international artists.

The MuA is a cultural project that brings together two important realities of Sinnai: the Historical Archive and the Civic Museum. The two services collaborate and dialogue to improve and promote activities intended for everyone, adults, children, schools, and which embrace different areas: art, archaeology, history, cinema, music, food and wine, creative writing, traditions.

The Mua hosts a bookshop in the Civic Museum, with two main sections: large and small. Inside them it is possible to find books on archaeology, art, fiction, ethnography, tourism, in Italian, Sardinian, English, German, French. There are also traditional local objects such as Sinnai baskets, artistic crafts, gadgets and games.

It is a living, open, stimulating and educational space through exhibitions, workshops and competitions. It is a community heritage not only of Sinnai. It preserves the documents of the Municipality and other local authorities, from the community documents of the 18th century. until the documentation of the second half of the 20th century. It is a tool for learning about Sinnai, the surrounding area, the people and the life of the community over the last centuries.

It is located on the ground floor of what was once Benvenuto Dol's villa. In 1960, it was reorganized to house the Town Hall and the prison, the latter used in the very rooms where the archive documents are now kept.


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Via Colletta, 20
09048 Sinnai


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