Museo e Archivio Storico Sinnai

The Sinnai Museum and Archive

It is a place of sharing, learning and education for and of the community, through events, exhibitions, laboratories, courses. It is a borderless place where everyone has access to the activities and the contents. 

It is located in a XIX C. building, known as Collecting House which the street takes its name from. During this time, the place was used to collect and distribute the ecclesiastic offertory. It was then the Sardinian cavalryman barracks, the city hall, the Carabinieri barracks, the library and the archive. During the ‘90 of the XX C., it becomes a museum. Today it hosts three collections: one archaeological, one dedicated to the artist F. D’Aspro, and another one dedicated to local and international artists’ art pieces. 

MuA is a cultural project which gathers two important institution of Sinnai: the Historical Archive and the Civic Museum. The two of them cooperate and work together for the purpose of improving and promoting the activities organized for everyone, adults, children, schools, and which have different topics: art, archaeology, history, movie, music, enogastronomy, creative writing, traditions. At the Museum there is also a bookshop with two main sectors: children and adults. In those, there are various categories, such as archaeology, art, narrative, tourism, ethnography, in Italian, Sardinian, English, Spanish, German, French. There are also typical handcrafts, gadgets, and board games. 

This is an open, alive, stimulating, and educative place thanks exhibitions, laboratories, and events organised. It is a cultural heritage belonging to the community. Documents produced since the XVIII C. to the second part of the XX C by the city hall and other local institutions are safeguarded in there. The Archive is a way to know Sinnai, its countryside, and the life of its community through the centuries. It is located at the ground floor of the so called Benvenuto Dol house. During the 1960, the building was reorganized to host the city hall and its prison. The spaces of the prison hosted now the Historical Archive. 


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Via Colletta, 20
09048 Sinnai


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