Brettii and Enotri Museum

Brettii and Enotri Museum

THE BRETTII AND ENOTRI MUSEUM TELLS THE HISTORY OF THE CITY OF COSENZA AND ITS POPULATIONS . Here, in a combination of archeology, art and didactic tools, including digital ones, the visitor can experience culture in an innovative and pleasant way. The structure houses a vast archaeological collection, coming from urban excavations and from different locations in the province, which embraces a wide chronological span: from the upper Paleolithic bone remains of the Cirella caves to the Roman-imperial oinophoros (3rd century AD) coming from Cosenza. The most representative nucleus is composed of the kits of a vast necropolis from Torre Mordillo (Spezzano Albanese), relating to a proto-historic center overlooking the plain of Sibari, whose activity was interrupted by the arrival of the Sybarites (720 BC). The Museum of Brettii and Enotri , in addition to numerous archaeological finds, also houses, on the second floor, a collection of documents and relics relating to the Risorgimento history of the city. The collection is intimately connected with the Sant'Agostino complex itself, at the time a Bourbon prison, which was probably the last prison of the brothers Attilio and Emilio Bandiera, then shot in the nearby Vallone di Rovito. The Museum carries out its institutional function of promoting knowledge of the vast cultural heritage of its territory by focusing above all on museum teaching, as a tool to make the exhibited collections usable and better understood. For this reason it caters to schools of all levels by offering diversified educational activities, from guided tours to different types of workshops, in order to allow the choice between experiences that provide an overview of the fundamental aspects of the ancient populations that inhabited Calabria, with the aim of educating, even the smallest ones, in the form of a game, to know and rediscover their own cultural identity.


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Complesso Monumentale di Sant'Agostino
87100 Cosenza


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