BoCs Museum

BoCs Museum

The BoCs Museum is a cultural institution of the municipality of Cosenza inaugurated in 2017, in which the works produced during the artistic residencies of Bocs Art are exhibited. The project of the BoCS Museum and BoCS Art has been a vision for the city of Cosenza since 2015 of urban regeneration, an artistic hotbed in continuous ferment: in the last few years, in fact, hundreds of artists have landed on the banks of the Crati, where the 27 artist boxes are located, who have included the city in the international panorama of contemporary art and increased its artistic heritage through donated works. Contamination, cultural exchanges, creativity and inclusion are the key words that characterize the Project and that make Cosenza a scenario for artistic actions, which directly involve places, institutions and people of the city, as well as an important avant-garde attraction. The BoCS Museum is therefore a dynamic and constantly evolving museum, which welcomes and exhibits the works created in the context of artistic residences. Located in the splendid Conventual complex of S. Domenico, it is one of the few surviving examples of Dominican convent architecture in Calabria. The exhibition space is set up in an area of the recently restored monumental complex of San Domenico, a place where the new city meets the old city. The Museum has a regulation that governs its organization and functioning. The artists, selected by the curator of the residences and director of the Museum, create site specific works and then donate them to the BoCSMuseum. The BoCSMuseum responds to the ethical principles of the Museums defined by Icom, to the ministerial regulations and is configured as a permanent institution that satisfies the five essential functions of the Museums (acquiring, conserving, studying, exhibiting, communicating) and the new functions aimed at strengthening the social role of the museum institution (favoring accessibility, interculture, generational comparison, respect for human rights, etc.).

The BoCSMuseum pursues specific purposes: to promote knowledge of the history of the city of Cosenza and its heritage through contemporary art in its many manifestations and to contribute to the creation of a climate of co-working between artists from all over the world both in artistic residences. how much in the installations of the BoCSMuseum; favor the variety of approaches to knowledge of the history and cultural heritage of the city by periodically elaborating new itineraries for visits, new installations and new educational activities for the museum's public; Promote the international exchange between artists and contemporary art museums to promote the image of the city of Cosenza and the BoCS Art project in Italy and abroad; promote the publication of scientific research on the city of Cosenza, host cultural and conference initiatives, train young people with school-work alternation courses and university and post-university internships, announce awards and scholarships; establish itself, as a museum institution, in the territory by setting up a network of schools, a network of cultural associations, a network of universities and teachers who have at heart the knowledge and study and promotion of the city of Cosenza and actively contribute to the establishment of the network of Museums of the city of Cosenza; organize temporary exhibition events starting with monographic exhibitions of artists present in the collection, and beyond; promote cooperation with the University of Calabria, with the Mibact Regional Museum Complex, with the Mibact Secretariat and with other institutions present in the area.


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Piazza Tommaso Campanella, 22
87100 Cosenza


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