Roman Villa of Florence

Roman Village

Villa Romana, based in Florence , is a center of contemporary art production and international exchange .

Founded 115 years ago by a group of artists and patrons - with the aim of creating an independent place of exchange and artistic production - it is still managed by a German non-profit association, and is in turn actively supported by numerous artists.

Since 1905, the winners of the annual Villa Romana Prize have lived and worked there. During their stay, the awarded artists come into contact with international guests and with the regional and Italian art scene. This is how, over the decades, Villa Romana has established itself as a unique and dynamic interface , active in contemporary production and committed to carrying on the debate and artistic exchange between Germany, Italy and the Mediterranean basin.

The only one of its kind among cultural institutes based abroad, Villa Romana collaborates with Italian and international partners and, from its Florentine headquarters, carries on a transcontinental dialogue between Europe and Africa. From the collaboration with local realities (museums, art academies, universities, archives, musicians, artisans ...), a precious exchange of skills, cultural differences and personal biographies arises.

Villa Romana is a hospitable home, a place open to disciplines and dialogue, visited every year by numerous artists, curators, critics and visitors.


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Via Senese, 68
50124 Florence


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