Villa del Colle del Cardinale

The Villa

È the più known among umbri residential complexes, built in the second halfà the Five hundred from the cardinal Fulvio Corgna, nephew of Pope Julius III del Monte . Built on an architectural project of’ Alessiè surrounded by a large park with old trees and hanging gardens. The Villaè enriched by a range of decorations with reasons "the grotesque", a precious wooden coffered ceiling and a cycle of frescoes depicting the Arts and Virtù , executed in 1581 by the Florentine painter Salvio Savini in the living room d’ honor. It hosts conferences, book presentations, guided tours and concerts. Periodically it is provided special openings, also in the evening, as well as teaching experience also connected to’ alternation between school and work.


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Str. per Sant'Antonio, 1
06133 Colle Umberto


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