Museo della Mezzadria senese

The Sienese Mezzanboard Museum of Buonconvento

The Sienese Mezzanboard Museum of Buonconvento was built in the suggestive seventeenth-century spaces of an ancient master barn to document and revive, with a historical and highly evocative setting, a rural world that has characterized the landscape until the sixties and The Tuscan society.

The museum proposes cracks of life and work of the peasants and collects the different testimonies on the mezzadria, a ratio of conducting the land in which the owner put the land capital and the colono his work and that of his family, with the final division of Fruits of the earth in equal parts.

The route, through vintage photos, original objects, literary steps, music, movies and archive documents, presents special multimedia stations and numerous talking characters who refer to the typical figures of the farm: the owner, the factor, the harmful, the housewife.

The set-up is divided into two floors: in the first sections dedicated to the agricultural landscape, to the farm and threshing that represented the end of the agricultural year, but also to the mill and the rural village with its activities. On the second floor, some issues related to the farm and work in the fields and above all to the life of the Mezzadrile family, with the reconstruction of the ambientation of the farmhouse, in which objects and activities typical of the peasant tradition are recognized.


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Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 10
53022 Buonconvento


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