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The Kitbasher, Oscar Giaconia's solo exhibition at the Coppola Foundation, is configured as a protean collection of pictorial works produced over time. The exhibition will run from 29 October 2023 to 4 February 2024.

Making use of the same conformation of the medieval tower which develops on eight levels, interpreted by the artist as a fortified pit, The Kitbasher stages a different situation on each floor, in an objective correlation between the architectural morphology and the stratified nature of Giaconia's work.

Through viewing the 26 installed works, the user is thus granted a broad overview of the artist's production of the last 15 years, ranging from the diptych Ginnungagap, 2010 up to Colon (Exterminator), 2023 created on the occasion of the exhibition: overall, The Kitbasher appears like a bubble wrap of the creator's visual thought. Each level of the Torrione corresponds to a sampling of the imagination.

During the opening weekend of the exhibition, on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October, The Kitbasher is accompanied by the sound installation SEYRAZEN, specially composed by Steve Piccolo, an artist with whom Giaconia has also collaborated on several previous occasions: a serenade of sirens, understood in the dual meaning of bewitching song and alarm. The maximum concentration of sound occurs in the space at the top of the Tower, therefore SEYRAZEN is a premonition full of sound plot holes that accompanies the visitor to the exhibition, intensifying as he ascends the floors.


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Corso A. Palladio 1 (Fondazione Coppola)
36100 Vicenza


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Until 30 June 2024

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