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M 9 Museum

M9 - Museo del '900 is the first museum dedicated to the material history of the twentieth century in Italy and is the heart of an urban regeneration intervention carried out by the Fondazione di Venezia in the center of Mestre. Opened in December 2018, it belongs to a new generation of museums tells so compelling story all across small and great transformations of the century, from everyday life to the great social, economic, environmental and cultural factors that have marked the history of the country . The permanent collection of the Museum  audio actions, video, using the possibilities offered by new technologies for the content of storytelling, user interactivity and immersive experience of visiting. The Museum aims to be an open house to the territory and its communities, a permanent contemporary laboratory, capable of promoting discussions and actions on the present and the future, thanks to its program of temporary exhibitions, educational activities and a full schedule of events. The Museum of the architectural project was designed by the Berlin studio Sauerbruch Hutton; lifelong exposure by staging Grisdainese study; graphic design by CamuffoLab study; multimedia installations by five of interaction design studies: Carraro Lab, Clonwerk with Limiteazero, dotdotdot, Karmachina with Engineering Associates, Nema FX.


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Via Giovanni Pascoli, 11
30171 Mestre


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