Santa Maria della Scala

The Complex

The Santa Maria della Scala is a monument located in the heart of the city of Siena, on top of the hill where the cathedral. The special position also led to the extraordinary shape, on several levels, sloping down from the Duomo to the valley behind.

Originally a medieval hospital, place along the route of the via Francigena, has developed over the centuries, constituting up to just under 50 years ago the city hospital. Subject of a great restoration project, still today, in addition to many open spaces to the public and variously destined to museum, the exhibition areas, etc service, a party to the salvage yard. At Piazza Duomo level, current museum entrance, open the monumental space, consisting of large halls (hospices), lanes, former refectory, sacristy and chapel, church, courts , ancient apothecary, now the headquarters of the Art Museum for Children and facilities dedicated to educational activities.  plan Perno is the extraordinary men Pellegrinaio, painted in the forties of the Quattrocento by Lorenzo di Pietro, Domenico di Bartolo and Priamo della Quercia with the mythical and real events of hospital history and with the accurate description of hospital functions entrusted to space and to the protagonists (Care and hospitality, Government of the sick, distribution of alms) . Coeval are the frescoes of the Old Sacristy, entrusted to the hands of Peter Lorenzo, illustrating the articles of the Apostles' Creed with new episodes and the Old Testament: the space now houses the precious relics of the hospital group, born around the relics acquired in 1359.  In the field once intended to women and to ' abandoned children, which focused on the presence of two short, was recently prepared a collection Piccolomini Spannocchi, important collection of works collected by the two families united by marriage in the second half of the eighteenth century.


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Piazza Duomo, 1
53100 Siena


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