Palazzo Ducale di Venezia

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date_range Palazzo Ducale di Venezia Palazzo Ducale di Venezia


Until 05 June 2022

date_range Palazzo Ducale di Venezia Palazzo Ducale di Venezia

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Until 29 October 2022

Ducal Palace

Ducal Palace is Venice symbol , formerly the seat of the Doge and the state magistrates, the highest representation of Venetian civilization. The Ducal Palace is located in the monumental area of ​​Piazza San Marco, contiguously with the Basilica of San Marco.

A masterpiece of Gothic art, the Ducal Palace  in Venice is structured in a stratification of construction and ornamental elements: from the ancient foundations to the overall fourteenth-fifteenth-century layout, to the conspicuous Renaissance inserts, to the sumptuous mannerist signs.

The visit route suggested by the museum does not linearly follow the individual floors of the building, but traces an itinerary that goes up and down crossing them several times. From the ground floor, where the services to the public are housed, the tour begins with the Opera Museum and, passing through the extraordinary courtyard, continues towards the upper rooms of the Palace with a visit to the precious rooms of the Ducal Apartment, on the first floor , and of the Institutional Rooms that develop between the second floor and the level of the Lodges, to finally end with a visit to the Armory and the Prisons.

The interiors contain works by the most famous Venetian masters, including Jacopo and Domenico Tintoretto, Tiziano Vecellio, Francesco Bassano, Paolo Veronese, Giambattista Zelotti, Jacopo Palma the Younger, Andrea Vicentino and Antonio Vassilacchi.


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Piazza San Marco, 1
30124 Venezia


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