Chigi Palace of Ariccia

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Until 14 January 2024

Chigi Palace of Ariccia

It is located in the heart of the Castelli Romani a few kilometers from Rome and it belonged to the same family as the Roman palace of the same name, now the seat of the Italian government.

It is a grandiose Baroque residence, imposing like a palace, designed by Bernini for the family of Pope Alexander VII Chigi, which preserves its furnishings and the original environmental and architectural context unaltered.

It overlooks the Piazza di Corte in the historic center of Ariccia, a unique example of Baroque urbanism applied to a peripheral center, and is surrounded by a vast park, with lush Mediterranean vegetation, celebrated by writers and poets such as Goethe, Stendhal, D'Annunzio, artists like Hackert, Corot, Turner and many others.

Visiting it means finding yourself suddenly catapulted into the past, in the Grand siècle of Bernini, Galileo and Re Sole: a sort of 17th century star-gate, in which history does not have an abstract, distant and metaphysical dimension, as in books, but is a concrete experience.

It is not a museum in the traditional sense, that is, a container of works of art without a home, which have merged into museums due to the loss of their original places, tampered with, destroyed or transformed in use, but a large historic residence with all its furnishings and its functions remained unchanged. A treasure chest of the past that is unique in the world of its kind.

It preserves precious Berninian furnishings, very rare 17th century decorated leather parades, masterpieces by Bernini, Salvator Rosa, Pier Francesco Mola, Baciccio, Cavalier d'Arpino, Mattia Preti and many others.It is also home to the Roman Baroque Museum, with paintings among '600 and' 700, received through prestigious donations.


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Piazza di Corte, 15
00072 Ariccia


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