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Photo in Game! A story by 18 Italian photographers presents at the Reggia di Venaria the world of street games and outdoor entertainment seen through the lens of 18 famous Italian photographers who document the transformation of the many ways of playing and having fun from the second post-war period to birth of the modern entertainment industry.

Conceived by Giangavino Pazzola, curator of CAMERA - Italian Center for Photography in Turin who for the occasion collaborates with the Reggia di Venaria , the exhibition includes over 120 color and black and white photographs that have people of all ages as their subject intent on practicing various recreational activities, as well as habits, professions and places that have outlined a new relationship of people with the concept of free time.

At the time of the Courts, street games and shows represented a moment of sharing between aristocrats and people. Following the economic boom, however, there has been a great change: the birth of the entertainment industry. Photography has thus transformed documenting this change in status. The exhibition Photos at stake! This is how he describes the transformations of the social idea of "play" from 1960 to today, verifying the different ways in which sports and entertainment activities have taken on an increasingly structured dimension in contemporary society since the Second World War. At the same time, it highlights how photography has changed over time, from the Neorealist period to a more environmental representation that flows into an impersonal and social dimension in the 1980s and 1990s. Finally, in recent times photographers have focused more on the representation of the public or draw on the mythology of the square game to reshape it in a poetic key.


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Piazza della Repubblica, 4
10078 Venaria Reale


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From squares to courts

Until 18 September 2022

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