Carrara Academy

The Carrara Academy

The Carrara Academy was established in Bergamo, in 1794, as a single complex of Art Gallery and School of Painting, on the initiative of the Bergamo patrician Giacomo Carrara (1714-1796), who started the construction of the building intended to house his very rich collection of paintings. The Carrara Academy is the only Italian museum composed of bequests from important private collectors. From a museum dedicated to Renaissance painting - with the great masterpieces of Pisanello , Mantegna, Bellini , Botticelli , Raphael, Lotto , Moroni - the history of the Carrara Academy has led it to be an art museum tout-court, with a '' wide representation of pictorial genres of the seventeenth , eighteenth and nineteenth centuries , a significant collection of drawings and prints and precious nuclei of decorative arts , from fans to porcelain , from bronzes to medals .

The Carrara Academy's mission is to actively collaborate in the cultural development of the territory, the community and those who visit it through the conservation, study, enrichment and exhibition of its artistic heritage.


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Piazza Giacomo Carrara, 82
24121 Bergamo


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