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The Merz Foundation presents, from Monday 18 March to Sunday 16 June 2024, the exhibition Sacro è, a new exhibition project curated by Giulia Turconi which features the works of Tiphaine Calmettes (Ivry-surseine , France, 1988), Matilde Cassani (Domodossola, Italy, 1980), Giuseppe Di Liberto (Palermo, Italy, 1996), Lena Kuzmich (Vienna, Austria, 1998), Quỳnh Lâm (Saigon, Vietnam, 1988), Tommy Malekoff (Virginia, USA, 1992) Lorenzo Montinaro (Taranto, Italy, 1997) and GianMarco Porru (Oristano, Italy, 1989). The exhibition starts from the collection of poems Sacro Minore by Franco Arminio to introduce a reflection based on the concept of "sacred", traced and explored in its daily dimension, placing emphasis on the wonder of existence and on the poetry that hidden in everyday life. Through the languages of a young generation of artists, a choice dictated by the desire to focus on a contemporary, contemporary and renewed sacredness, Sacro è wants to build a celebration of sacredness by focusing on its intimate and private meaning and suggesting a return to the community and to humanity by manifesting a universal and collective vision.

From the materiality of the work of art which in the elements of Tiphaine Calmettes' work evokes the latent forces of our world, we move on to the collective dimension that Matilde Cassani traces in popular traditions; if Giuseppe Di Liberto focuses on death and rituals, Quỳnh Lâm uses flowers and colors as metaphors to ask questions about the natural process of life; where Tommy Malekoff examines the dynamics that regulate the behavior of a social group immersed in a public space, Lorenzo Montinaro reflects on the theme of memory and personal experience with works full of sacred elements, while GianMarco Porru celebrates the silence and sacredness of those moments in which you seek contact with yourself. The exhibition is completed by the video installation by Lena Kuzmich, which puts the spotlight on the relationship between forms of life and technology, inviting the visitor to ask themselves whether a return to the stage of nature is really possible.

To contribute to the reflection on the contents of the exhibition, the curator proposes the viewing of the film Teorema by Pier Paolo Pasolini in which the author advances an uninterrupted investigation into hidden sacredness.


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Via Limone, 24
10141 Turin


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