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Palazzo Madama - Civic Museum of Ancient Art of Turin , from 8 April to 29 August 2022 , presents the exhibition Invitation to Pompeii , curated by the Archaeological Park of Pompeii and by Palazzo Madama .

An "invitation" to enter the houses of Pompeii, to discover what the atmosphere was, how they were furnished, what objects were used daily by its inhabitants, how they were decorated and embellished, through a journey into the Pompeian world.

The exhibition itinerary, in the majestic Sala del Senato, where Italy was made, winds through the most representative rooms of the most luxurious houses of Pompeii of the first century AD The Roman domus, for the first time in Turin, opens its doors to visitors, welcoming them in domestic intimacy and showing them the normality of daily life on the slopes of Vesuvius. A blast from the past, which offers the opportunity to wander around those environments where the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD suddenly extinguished the lives of its inhabitants. The Pompeii of today is nothing but the skeleton of the ancient city, drained of all forms of life by the natural disaster and emptied of those objects that would allow us to imagine it as it was.

The exhibition opens with the beautiful late nineteenth-century model of the House of the Tragic Poet , one of those that most stimulated the imagination of travelers and artists on the Grand Tour, so much so as to be the setting for many scenes from the novel The Last Days of Pompeii by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, who inspired the work of Federico Maldarelli Ione and Nidia of the Museum of Antiquities - Royal Museums of Turin, which closes the itinerary.

A rich selection of over 120 works , including furnishings, statues, jewels, bronzes, glass and decorative elements , is presented to the visitor in an itinerary through the domestic spaces (the atrium, the triclinium, the peristyle with the garden, the bed), which ends with the dramatic casts of some victims.

The exhibition is therefore an invitation to an immersive 360-degree visit to the last days of Pompeii's life .


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Piazza Castello
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