The Revoltella Museum is located in the historic center of Trieste and a modern art gallery. The museum is the place where he lived the Baron Pasquale Revoltella that his death left to the city along with his works, furnishings and books it contained. In 1872 the City had it become a museum. The Museum houses a collection of works that were donated to the city by the same Revoltella and other private. The works are now a total of about 350 paintings and sculptures. The works on display are by Italian authors of the second half of the nineteenth and twentieth century by local artists of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The art collection is very rich with marble sculptures, paintings with historical scenes, landscapes and portraits of the first half of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The works on display are by artists like Domenico Induno, Giuseppe De Nittis, Mario Sironi, Carlo Carra, Giorgio De Chirico, Lucio Fontana, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Giacomo Manzu, Francesco Hayez, Giovanni Fattori and many others. Among the works of great value are found Gaetano Previati "wake-up day night," Mario Sironi "pastor" and Lucio Fontana "waited". The museum contains original furnishings and decorations such as inlaid floors, painted ceilings, stucco coatings.

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Via Armando Diaz, 27
34123 Trieste

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