The Natural History Museum is located in the historic center of the city of Trieste and was inaugurated in 1846 with the name "Zoological Zootomic Cabinet". The Museum has a very varied collection consisting of finds from zoology, botany, mineralogy, paleontology and geology. Together with the marine aquarium, the sea museum and the botanical garden, it is part of the group of scientific museums in Trieste. Thanks to the numerous donations, the number of exhibits has grown considerably. The botanical collection is certainly the richest with more than one million specimens of herbaria and vascular plants from Italy and in particular from Friuli Venezia Giulia. Of great interest is the fossilization room both in an aquatic and terrestrial environment. Among the main finds are the exhibits of ancient molluscs and fossils from the Trieste Karst. One of the main attractions is Antonio, a 75 million year old dinosaur. It is one of the most complete dinosaurs ever found in the world. Other dinosaur finds from the same site are exhibited in the room: a vertebra, a pelvis bone, a disjointed skull and front legs.

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Via dei Tominz, 4
34139 Trieste

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