Natural History Museum of Maremma

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The Natural History Museum of Maremma

The Natural History Museum of Maremma is located in the historic center of Grosseto. The museum is one of the first examples of a historic-natural site in all of Tuscany. The museum was founded in 1961 thanks to the collection of works of the Municipality of Grosseto and the support of Giuseppe Guerrini, president of the Maremma speleological naturalistic society from 1960 to 1989. The exhibition is spread over the three floors of the building and consists of twelve rooms dedicated to earth science and life sciences. The first section houses minerals and rocks and the paleontological room. Instead, the second section includes objects of reference to coastal, hilly and mountainous environments. The floral and faunal aspects present in nature are explored in the exhibition areas. Of great interest are the showcases displaying specimens of vertebrate animals such as canids, mustelids, amphibians and reptiles. Another series of showcases illustrate the main ecosystems of the province of Grosseto such as the coastal pine forest, the dunes, the insular environments, the pastures of the plains and hills. Of great interest are the educational itineraries with touch-screen totems and laboratories for schools and families.


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Str. Corsini, 5
58100 Grosseto


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