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ongoing Eugenio Tibaldi.

Curated by: Marco Scotini

The show

On Friday 5 November 2021, in the setting of Artissima, the PAV is pleased to inaugurate the solo exhibition by Eugenio Tibaldi entitled Temporary Landscape. Herbariums, maps, diaries. Curated by Marco Scotini, the exhibition intends to focus on the artist's graphic work, as a hybrid mode on the border between aesthetic representation, photography, architectural design and theoretical reflection. However, such as to present itself as a heterogeneous model of knowledge and environmental intervention capable of recording the ecological transformations of our time on the micro-scale, with the aim of finding a precarious and never definitive correspondence between crushed reality and its temporary representation, between man and environment, in essence.

If it is true that Eugenio Tibaldi's research has always focused on the informal dynamics of appropriation of space and attention to marginal territories, it is equally true that this new exhibition revolves around the graphic diary that the artist produced during the pandemic and called Heidi, where the rejection of the rhetoric of an uncontaminated nature is accompanied by the equally categorical rejection of the neoliberal and extractivist project which, as such, certainly cannot be cured by a mythical lost world. On the contrary, what acts in Tibaldi's practice is both the concept of porosity that Walter Benjamin and Asja Lacis had identified in Naples and that of the "philosophy of the broken" that their friend Alfred Sohn-Rethel had theorized in the same city in the 1920s. .

Tibaldi's attention to peripheral areas always focuses on the richness of biodiversity and on what the artist defines as their "aesthetic results", a set of informal, vernacular solutions to the needs of the inhabitants, created by them in a completely spontaneous way and autonomous: Tibaldi crosses them, analyzes them and samples them, building elements of an inventory that then goes to stratify within his works, bringing out now the macro dynamics, now the details, of a complex relationship between legality, economy, society and aesthetics. The production of space is the practice that allows us to grasp the ecosystem as a level of relationships in which existences and the environment dynamically change and mutually invent each other.


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Via Giordano Bruno, 31,
10100 Torino


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