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The Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, from 7 April to 2 October, presents Daniela Ortiz's first solo exhibition in Italy (Peru, 1985).

The exhibition presents a body of recent works, including paintings, embroidery and installations, which reflect on the themes of childhood education and the transmission of knowledge as tools of resistance to forms of historical and contemporary colonialism.

The exhibition is part of the third season of Verso, the artistic and educational program developed by the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation with the Department of Youth Policies of the Piedmont Region.

Historically, pedagogical material aimed at children has made use of an aesthetic associated with innocence and even tenderness. This has never been an obstacle to the transmission of deeply politicized content to children, on the contrary it has been a strategy to do so with impunity. In this way the ideologies that support colonialism, patriarchy and capitalism have been imprinted on the white populations and imposed on the global south and racialized people. The violent history and present of imperialism are shaped into paternalistic narratives that glorify the figures of white supremacy, while at the same time trying to erase the genealogies, the memory and the presence of anti-colonial resistances.

The exhibition And we will grasp the knowledge of our resistances puts in dialogue a series of works of art that through different pedagogical languages ​​and childhood formats narrate and claim those memories and figures of anticolonial history who have opposed the strategy of erasing imperialism. From Fernandito Tupac Amaru, son of deported Andean revolutionary leaders Tupac Amaru and Micaela Bastidas, to children and infants of the territories of the global south victims of violent eugenic policies, the works portray and create a visual memory of the persecution of childhood, reproductive law and familiar to those who have faced power by nurturing, nurturing and growing their communities.


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Via Modane, 16
10141 Torino


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