CAOS - Centro Arti Opificio Siri


Since 1793 the space housed an industrial site, specifically a papal Ferriera, the largest Umbrian factory at the time of’ Unità National with a’ extension of 12,000 square meters and a workforce of about 200 unità.

The propertyà dell’ area is detected in più phases, from 1997 to 2002, the Municipality of Terni for almost the entireà dell’ former factory and, thanks to a recovery campaign and upgrading houses since 2009 the CHAOS, Centro Arti Opificio Siri.  The recovery of the industrial spaces of’ former chemical factory SIRI, restored and rehabilitated ,è an exemplary case in the Italian panorama of the conversion of brownfield sites in urban areas. From chemical factory to factory culture, così born the backbone of the new cityà creative, emblematic scanning in the process of redefinition of Terni under the sign of contemporaneityà.

Some outdoor spaces maintain the’ original plant like the driveway, the central widening of the original housing system and some infrastructure elements, including the works of d’ water intake for power plants, while the totalityà of existing buildingsè used today in marking cultural services, a highly innovative waste. In addition, the perimeter body unasezioneè It has been converted into private homes. With its 5600 square meters dedicated to cultural development, the CHAOS è a center for production and use of open limbs and flexible, made up of permanent exhibition spaces such as the Museo d’ modern and contemporary art Aurelio De Felice and Archaeological Museum of Terni a large area dedicated to national and international exhibitions, the Teatro Sergio Secci , l’ AreaLab dedicated to educational and creative workshops, workshops for residences and artistic productions, a specialized library , a video room and a coffeeè restaurant, the FAT (3) to live up to the evening.


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Viale Campofregoso, 98
05100 Terni


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