Stanze della memoria. Percorso museale di storia del Novecento senese

Stanze Della Memoria

The Memorial Rooms, inaugurated in Siena January 27, 2007, propose an itinerary that traces the history of the cityà from’ beginning of the twentieth century, focusing on the crucial issues of the  fascism and resistance until the liberation.

Siena, with its territory,è He has been heavily involved in the events of the twentieth century which has experienced social unrest and unprecedented wars. The Rooms of Memory wants to be a window that overlooks a historical background from which to draw reflection daily grounds for an ever renewed commitment, to amp those spaces of  freedomà  and  Justice  share  open and conquered by men and women who have been involved in those troubled events.

Le Stanze acquire greater strength and appeal becauseé set up in the“&rdquo ;, Casermetta così called by Siena in 1943-1944 when it was the headquarters of the political police of the Italian Social Republic, where they interrogated and tortured anti-fascists arrested and where they rode shipments  punitive against the partisans.

The pathè consisting of a  educational room and 12 rooms on two floors, tracing the Sienese history of the last century, in a limited period from  First World War until the liberation. On the first floor they are treated the squads and l’ advent of fascism, dictatorship and consensus-building, suppression of dissent, the racial laws; on the second floor are to illustrate important events of the war and the partisan struggle, the memory of whichè documented on video by some of the protagonists, until the liberation.

In every room there are murals, panels, films and narrative voices ch welcome and guide visitors along the way and in’ atmosphere of the period: visiting the Memorial Rooms It allows you to know one of the pieces of &Sienese history among the most ugrave; intense and dramatic, than a symbolic place to nurture and pass on the memory of’ opposition to fascism.


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Via Malavolti, 9
53100 Siena


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