Museo dell'Acqua

The Water Museum

The Water Museum is located at the beautiful Fonte di Pescaia, already active in the first half of the thirteenth century.

Located along the Via Francigena, out of the path of the wall, the Fountain of Pescaia   is a valid testimony of wise use and calibrated water, so rare in Siena: according to a typical model of the Siena sources, in fact, the cycle of use of the water is distributed over tanks placed in sequence at different altitudes.

the first was   intended   to food uses, depending on the breeding of fish and to secondary uses, then there was the tub for the watering of animals

tubs were fed from  overflow, i.e. the overflow of the tank that preceded fed the tub   that followed.

Close to the main structure of the source, the wash from where the water flowed toward the white sewer downstream.

the source of the water supply was secured by two branches booty, the famous underground tunnels excavated nell'arenaria Pliocene, where the waters were collected for dripping and conveyed up to the surface sources according to a complex system of settling basins and places of collection points at different heights.

La Fonte was built mostly of brick, the most widely used material in the period of maximum economic flowering and urban growth of the city.

the main facade is characterized by three arches supported by pillars   stone and brick. In the upper part are distinguished arches and corbels in support of the battlements crowning the masonry top, then destroyed by a late superelevation intervention of the structure.

On the ribs of the vaults that characterize the tanks coverage they still stand coloring tracks in black and white, while on the back wall, a stone rows alternating with brick,   you can see the Balzana, symbol of the city and the municipal authority, representative and responsible sources since their implementation

For a long time the source Pescaia was segregated to a marginal role in the city, suffocated between modern era architectures, until early 2010 when, after a complex building renovation, was inaugurated on Water Museum.

the opportunity arose through the project "Water Siena cities" welcomed by the EU as part of a series of initiatives to celebrate this time called "Rin ascimento machine "when figures such as the Jackdaw, Francesco di Giorgio Martini and Leonardo da Vinci have introduced revolutionary ideas and techniques

The interior, on three floors above the Fonti di Pescaia, was conceived and designed by the "Social Design" Architects Roberto Santini, Goffredo Serrini, Claudio Zagaglia and was created by Studio Azzurro Leonardo Sangiorgi of Milan and the Mizar Paco Lanciano Rome


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Strada delle Fonti di Pescaia, 1
53100 Siena


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