The CAST - of mountain stories Castle in Castle Masegra is located in Sondrio within the walls of the castle of. The museum is defined as "narrator" museum as told through an artistic and cultural route the Valtellina history deeply rooted in the territory. The museum is mainly divided into three thematic areas: climbing, mountaineering and the environment. A multimedia exhibition with video, immersive devices, images and narratives that are followed in the three exhibition areas, are supporting the visitor during the visit. The exhibition is closely linked to the personality of the visitor and content that meet its interest. In fact, the first question I encounter is "you feel more climber explorer or the environment?". Depending on the response determines the beginning of the visit with a path from "low" to "high" or vice versa. The Castle of the stories becomes an interactive experience in which the alpine culture and technology go hand in hand to promote the discovery of the mountain. The museum hosts events and temporary exhibitions and educational activities for schools and children.

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Via De' Capitani di Masegra
23100 Sondrio

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