National Gallery of the Marche - Ducal Palace of Urbino

National Gallery of the Marche - Ducal Palace of Urbino

The National Gallery of the Marche , in the city of Urbino , is located in the spaces of the Palazzo Ducale, a splendid residence commissioned by Federico da Montefeltro.

The National Gallery of the Marche preserves a vast patrimony of works of art which includes paintings and sculptures from the 13th to the 18th century, ceramics, coins, drawings and some furnishings , in addition to the decorations of the rooms of the Doge's Palace.

The National Gallery of the Marche is inextricably linked both to the names of the architects who worked on the building, Luciano Laurana and Francesco di Giorgio, and to those of the artists whose works are exhibited in the gallery and who evoke the cultural climate of the Frederick era. We remember the painter Giovanni Santi and his famous son Raphael, Pedro Berruguete but also Federico Barocci and Tiziano .

In addition to the Gallery, the Palazzo Ducale hosts on the ground floor the Archaeological and Lapidary Museum which originated in the collections of epigraphs gathered in Urbino by Fabretti.


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Piazza Rinascimento 13
61029 Urbino


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