Sandy Skoglund

Sandy Skoglund:

The imaginary worlds of photography

From 23 November to 2 June 2024

Duke's Palace

Duke's Palace

Via Fratelli Bandiera, 11, Senigallia

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Senigallia City of Photography continues its commitment to the promotion and valorization of great international photographers, dedicating a new exhibition to Sandy Skoglund, an American artist famous for his colorful and evocative works, where fantasy dialogues with reality in a game of surreal contrasts and alienating.

From 23 November 2023 to 2 June 2024 the rooms of Palazzo del Duca will host the Sandy Skoglund anthology. The imaginary worlds of photography. 1974 - 2023, organized by the Municipality of Senigallia with the support of the Marche Region, the collaboration of the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation and the Paci Contemporary Gallery.

The exhibition traces the career of this artist who chose photography as her chosen expressive medium, used to immortalize the rich environmental installations she creates, composed of everyday objects, materials designed and manufactured by her and small and medium format sculptures that he creates specifically for his imaginative landscapes. All the works have a rather long gestation, since Skoglund spends months, sometimes years, studying and recreating every single detail of the installation which will then be photographed, using the stylistic signature of strong chromatic contrasts which make the scene even more fantastic and surreal.

The Senigallia exhibition recounts all the phases of Sandy Skoglund's activity, from when he began to self-taught photography in the 1970s, passing through the first great successes with the public and critics of the 1980s, such as “Radioactive cats” and “Revenge of the goldfish" with their now iconic fluorescent animals, and for the famous works of the 90s, such as "Atomic Love" and "The cocktail party", where the installations become increasingly richer and more complex with human figures and statues coexisting in silent dialogues.

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Via Fratelli Bandiera, 11, Senigallia, Italy

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