Polo museale Palazzo dei Priori

The Priori Palace

The museum pole of Palazzo dei Priori is located inside the homonymous twoteenth-century building that is imposed on Piazza del Popolo. The Building fruit of annexes of a private house and the ancient church of San Martino has taken on the current appearance only in the sixteenth century with the impressive access staircase and the impressive bronze statue of Pope Sixtus V fused in 1588 by Andrea Sansovino when he stops, he becomes an archiepiscopal seat.

Inside there are the civic gallery, the room of the world map and the representative rooms that include: the Sala dei Portraetti, the Sala dei Costumes, the Sala degli Coatsmith, the Mayor's Hall, the Hall of L'Aquila with precious frescoes Of Pio Panfili and the Red Room.

The Civic Pinacoteca hosts an important collection of marchigiana and Venetian school paintings, along with stone artifacts, costumes, coats of arms, porcelain, furnishings and objects. Among the most significant works those of Andrea da Bologna, Francescuccio di Cecco Ghissi, Jacobello del Fiore (Stories of Santa Lucia), Vittore Crivelli (Crucifixion), Vincenzo Pagani, Giuliano Presutti and Giovanni Lanfranco (Pentecost). Of particular interest a Flemish tapestry built on the drawing of Giusto de Gand and the painting by Peter Paul Rubens depicting the adoration of the shepherds, commissioned to the painter in 1608 by the Philippines fathers for their church. It is included, in the path to visit the Pinacoteca, the precious "Sala del Mappamondo" commissioned by Cardinal stops Decio Azzolino j. And built in 1688 by the Architect Adam Sacripante, which preserves the oldest core of the library. The room, fully furnished with walnut wood shelves, hosts part of the ancient fund of the municipal library donated mainly by the Romolo Spezioli, a personal doctor of Queen Cristina of Sweden. The environment dominates the impressive map, made by the geographer Silvestro Amantio Maroncelli in 1713.


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Piazza del Popolo
63900 Fermo


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