Castile of Saluzzo


The construction of the castle of Saluzzo, commissioned by the Marquis Tommaso I, can be dated between 1270 and 1286 on the basis of previous fortifications. In fact, the name “Castile” derives from the Latin plural castella (“the castles”). Originally, Castile appeared as a quadrangular fortress, surrounded by a curtain of walls with four cylindrical towers.

The Museum of Chivalric Civilization, located on the third floor of Castile, is an "educational museum" characterized by multimedia installations and reproductions of documents and works, which allow you to discover the most important aspects or moments of the chivalric and courtly society of the Marquisate, presenting a or more key figures, with the aim of inviting the visitor to search the area for the testimonies evoked here.

The Museum of Prison Memory retraces these events, considering them an important episode in the story of an institution that marked the formation of modern Western democracies: the disciplinary prison. Installations of great emotional impact, supported by archive documentation of impeccable scientific rigor (and the exhibition of small objects found in the cells of Castile when, in 1992, it was dismantled as a penitentiary institution), characterize an unprecedented and evocative museum itinerary inserted in the ancient isolation cells in the basement of the building.


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Piazza Castello, 1
12037 Saluzzo


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